Thursday, October 14, 2010

Put Something Here Mid-term Assignment

Inspired by Krszytof Wodiczko, who "put" video installations into public space by projecting them onto architectural structures that had political and historical significance to the place, you are asked to base this assignment on issues/opinions that are important to you and reflect in some way, some condition of your own identity.

Put something into public space that is also directed to where you put it. Or not, it could be something that travels, has an "anywhere" aspect to it. Either choice is fine, but it must be specific.

Document it.

The media can be the documentation, or the media can be the thing you put into the space, or place.

This assignment also asks you to consider what is public. What is public space or place.

Wodiczko attempts to give voice to the vanquished. He defines the social "polis" as a narrative (both physical and psychological) constructed by the victors. Therefore, all others fall into different degrees of invisibility. If you were to try to make visible the invisible, to put something that is invisible into public space or place, what would that be?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assignment for 10/13

Bring blogs up to date.

Three points of interest/questions per two sets of readings. Three sets of readings have been assigned so far (see syllabus) for a total of nine points due.

My relationship to art. The name, the act, the commitment, the rigor. Write. Until you run out of anything to say.

Integrate drift videos into your blog. Send me the url. (I have not received two as of this moment.) All the urls that I do have are posted. Check the map

Second "open system" group will present their event.

For cell phone:

30 second video (edited) tied to a place in New Brunswick. Export to web in Quicktime Pro. Have folder burned to disc or on a jump drive for 10/13. Theme: TIME

Final list of blog addresses

Please put these into the sidebar of your blog, along with the blog address of the main blog.

Aymann Ismail
Costa Boutsikaris
Danielle DiTaranto
John Casale
Morgan Sun
Ryan Hrnciar
Tiffany Dodson
Tika Prospere